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 I am a failure at keeping this journal up! I promise to be good and write more often!
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Well, today was offically a record breaker- in the heat dept. We were 101 today, beating the record by a measly 1 degree. Last year we did not reach 100 or above till June 20Th, the last day of spring, but we got there yesterday, May 16th. Oh heat, how I have dreaded your return!! My grandmother, my dad's mom (who I don't really have a relationship with but I just fake it and try to make my dad happy), came to town from Santa Cruz to go the the Relay for Life in Oakhurst today. Last night we made plans to go out to dinner with her and my great-aunt Fran (who is actually my dad's age since my grandmother was preggers with my dad at the same time her mom was preggers with Fran LOL). They picked Sizzler (blehhhh). We picked up my gma to conserve so gas/pollution and met Fran, who went there straight from work. It was a great (ie quiet) car ride and I just texted with Dave the whole way there, hence making me too busy to converse with gma haha. Got to the place and it didn't take but 5 minutes to notice that, WTF, it is quite warm in there. Dinner came as the sweat was rolling down our faces and we found out that they were having a problem with the ac. They should have posted something on the door or something (Warning: you may suffer heat stroke while dining here tonight!) I could barely eat! My hair was suffocating me (don't ask me how, but that is what it felt like!) It was horrible.

Today I had to work and it was a great roast fest in Costco. Costco tries to be eco-friendly, which is great. BUT- for the love of god it can get pretty hot in there. Add the warmth plus the fact that I am wearing fucking polyester/nasty hot material pants and polo shirt, gloves, hairnet and apron! Oh and then I am cooking. This is my 4th summer there and it is the worst. We all bring little fans in that are battery powered and I bring my bubba keg full of water. It keeps things cold up to 12 hours. I also got one of those nifty neck wraps. You soak it in water and it swells up and keeps you cool. I was nice and cool today. A few people have already had to go home because of the heat. You really wouldn't think much of it until you actually experienced it yourself.

Well, write more later. I am going grocery shopping

[EDIT] I forgot to add in:
Life is not fair�
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Did I see someone ELSE on the plane with the Oceanic 6??


Something tells me it is not just another crew member... Is is Ben? Des? Ghost Christian Sheppard? Jacob? Taller Ghost Walt? (haha) WHOOOO?!!?!?!?!

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